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We love our local producers! This Monday we had the chance to visit our pal Heidi, owner of Down Island Farm and MV Sea Salt - the salt we use in our Lavender Sea Salt chocolate bar. When we arrived, we were greeted by a peacock, a billy goat named Bucky, Heidi's dog, and some chickens. Heidi was kind enough to give us a tour of her farm and show us how the whole process works.

About MV Sea Salt

Heidi & Curtis (husband and wife team) started making sea salt just a couple of years ago. They own Down Island Farm which is their little home based farm that produces asparagus, lots of flowers, and eggs. When asked why she started the business, Heidi replied that her and her husband wanted to be part of the local food movement. They have done an incredible job of creating an eco friendly way of producing the salt taken directly from the ocean off the coast of our pretty little island!

Pure sea salt is incredibly nutrient dense, and unfortunately, many of the sea salts on the market today have been heavily processed - removing minerals, adding stabilizers or even sugar!  Real sea salt, like the kind Heidi makes, retains the nutrient dense minerals that the ocean naturally provides.

Eco Friendly Process

How do they do it? Curt and Heidi pump the water from the ocean into these big barrels. They then filter the water to take away sea weed and little creatures. They use this compost to feed their chickens! Then they pump a thin layer into their big solar evaporators. Then they wait until it dries, raking it and moving the water through the whole process. In the summer, this typically takes around four weeks, in the winter it is much longer! They rake the salt in piles and harvest at different times. The very last harvest is the most nutrient dense mineral salt - which contains the highest concentration of minerals. When first harvested, the salt crystals are big rock crystals and the more it is handled the smaller the salt rocks become. Any salt that is not used for sale at this point is then given to the horses, apparently they love sea salt and it is good for them!

Table Salt versus Pure Sea Salt

Table salt comes from salt mines and goes through extensive processing that strips it of many minerals. Sea salt is made from evaporated ocean water and contains upwards of 75 trace minerals. Natural sea salt tastes saltier, much saltier, so you can use less while still consuming important trace minerals.

Major Minerals in Sea Salt

Chloride - which helps with muscle and nerve function

Sodium - also helps with muscle function and to help regulate blood volume and pressure. Potassium, also found in sea salt, works with chloride to help regulate acid levels in the body. 

Calcium & Magnesium - these two minerals work as a team to regulate several chemical reactions in the body. Calcium in particular helps us have strong bones and teeth, as well as play a role in heart and nerve functions. Magnesium is a mineral that many of us (80% specialist say!) are depleted of in the western world. Magnesium helps us create energy and activates muscles and nerves.

Sulfur - plays an important role in boosting immunity and detoxification in the body, important for normal metabolism and heart health.

Trace Minerals include phosphorus, bromine, boron, zinc, iron, manganese, copper and silicon.

Salt & Chocolate...

The only salts we use at Not Your Sugar Mamas are Himalayan Sea Salt and MV Sea Salt. We believe in food as medicine, and these salts are packed with nutrition. Personally, we eat our vitamins covered in chocolate. 


What salt do you choose to consume? 


Want more from MV Sea Salt? - check out their website here, visit them at one of the Farmers Market's here on MV, or eat it in our Lavender and Sea Salt Chocolate!! 







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