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Good Eats Guru goes chocolate

Who makes the best chocolate in Boston?  Not Your Sugar Mama! No, seriously—this new star of the Boston chocolate scene is infiltrating the local shops and being snatched up at an alarming pace. As soon as the bin is filled in my neighborhood market, it seems to empty out in less than a week—and it’s no surprise why.  I mean this chocolate is good.  Better than good, great.

I can confidently go so far as to deem it

NYSM, which operates out of Martha’s Vineyard, was founded by Bennett Coffey and Kyleen (Ky) Keenan about two years ago. They have a chocolate factory in Vineyard Haven, and sell their chocolate in bars, superfood energy balls, chocolate mix, and more at shops and cafes around the state.

How do I love thee, NYSM? Let me count the ways.

1) It’s not just chocolate: Every batch is hand made from raw cacao fortified with superfoods like maca, spirulina, and goji berries. Instead of refined sugar, they opt for agave nectar to sweeten.

Healthy chocolate, who knew?

2) Those chocolate makers, they’re clever.  Case in point: “Chocolate so fresh it’s cool.  Kept cool, that is.”  Because it’s raw cacao, it has to be kept in the fridge. Top-quality food with witty word play: Does it get any better?

3) The texture is nothing short of heavenly.  It pulls apart like taffy and eats like light fudge.

4) They’re passionate about keeping it fresh, and have their own specific definition so there’s no confusion. Keenan clarified that “Fresh equals nothing has been added or additional processing used to make it shelf stable. That’s why we are in the fridge.” Right on.

5) Oh, and the taste?  A miraculous convergence of decadent bittersweet wonder.  If your palette’s attuned to such things,

it’s brimming with the flavor of its most important ingredient: love.

What, you can’t taste that?  Trust me, it’s in there.

Their success is a no-brainer to anyone familiar with mindful eating.  When I inquired about the chocolate making process, Keenan told me, “Bennett is the chocolatier… It’s important to her to infuse good vibes into the chocolate, whether it’s by playing good music or just removing distractions and making it a mindful process.” This little distinction can make all the difference and many people are coming to demand this important aspect of health, wellness, and nutrition in the marketplace.

This auspicious attitude carries over into their whole business model. At present, they do direct trade for their cacao with an association of farmers in Peru.  Their goal is to set up direct trade relationships for all their ingredients. When I asked about plans for the future, Keenan responded,

“Willy Wonka meets Hersheys—but better, and healthier. We want our chocolate to be consumed by as many people as possible. Everyone has a right to enjoy this superfood in a healthy way.”

They do, indeed.

Not Your Sugar Mamas is a welcomed addition to Boston’s well-endowed chocolate menagerie. They even have chocolate smoothie powders and hot chocolate mixes perfect for the upcoming holiday season and frosty, snow-filled days. If you haven’t tried this chocolate yet, do yourself a favor and grab a bar at Life Alive Cafe in Central Square or City Feed and Supply in Jamaica Plain.

Happy snacking!

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