Change your relationship with dessert

Posted on January 21, 2013 by Bennett Coffey | 1 Comment

by Bennett Coffey, Holistic Nutritionist

So often people say to me, “Oh my god I love your chocolate, it’s so bad of me! Do you promise that it’s good for me?” This statement evokes all kinds of feelings for me. First, it makes me feel like I’m not doing a good enough job communicating the amazing health benefits that raw chocolate has to offer and second it brings me back to the point of the intention we bring to our eating experiences. When we eat with guilt or shame we are internalizing that emotion and digging it deeper into our cells, creating more problems for ourselves. Imagine if you could eat a meal (or dessert in this case) with NO guilt, fear or shame. What would that feel like? At NYSM we are giving you the permission to do just that. You can revel in the amazing health benefits that raw chocolate has to offer. I wouldn’t tell you to eat desserts all day everyday, I would absolutely tell you to counter your indulgences with lots of GREEN juices or smoothies and plant based meals. But when you are enjoying a NYSM treat, you can feel great about it. Personally, I eat raw chocolate everyday. I throw some raw cacao powder into my green smoothie every morning for the amazing energy and feelings of happiness that it brings me (I’m not just imagining this, cacao actually contains a bliss chemical called anandamide which makes us feel happy). The beauty of our products is that some are designed for your everyday pleasure and some are designed for those days when you really crave something sweet. I’ve been loving the “be local” bar lately, the local honey and mv sea salt is a powerfully delicious combo. I would generally recommend not making a habit out of eating sweeteners everyday, even if they are natural sweeteners but on the days that you do, let yourself fully enjoy the experience and know that with our treats you are doing something really great for your soul and your body. Think about all of the amazing things that your body does for you day in and day out, every second of every day. Your heart never misses a beat, your stomach digests EVERYTHING that you put into it, our system is working for us 24/7 so let’s gift our bodies with the high quality foods and eating experiences that they deserve. Check out the wide array of products that we have to offer, from your everyday smoothie mix to our naturally sweet chocolate chip cookies. 

What feelings do you experience with dessert? Tell us here in your comments below or send us a message. I'd love to hear from you.

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