Meet the Makers

We're Bennett & Ky, the creators of Not Your Sugar Mamas Superfood Chocolate. Our Mission is to spread health, happiness & love one kick-ass chocolate superfood creation at a time. We're keepin’ it real with no refined sugars in any of our creations.



Bennett Coffey

I first fell in love with raw chocolate while attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Before that, I’d spent time in Charleston, SC, Hawaii and California as a yoga instructor, becoming increasingly passionate about health and wellness.

After discovering raw chocolate, I began experimenting with it in my diet and noticed the effects on my body. I felt like I was experiencing real chocolate for the first time. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of raw cacao and that I couldn’t find clean chocolate bars in stores near me.

When I moved back home to Martha’s Vineyard, I started sharing my chocolate creations with family and friends. I knew it could be so much more. I just didn’t know how to get started. Then I met Ky.

Ky Keenan
After graduating from business school in Boston, I moved to Argentina and worked in International Consulting doing research for small companies. I was inspired by the young brilliant entrepreneurs I met along the way. I loved my job and had a really comfortable life in Buenos Aires but felt like something was missing.

During my time in South America and prior adventures in Europe, I was exposed to the idea of clean eating and living a more holistic lifestyle, a concept that I became more and more passionate about in my own life.

I came back to the States inspired to be a part of a business with a powerful mission and a positive impact. I moved to Martha’s Vineyard and started waitressing to save some money while figuring out my next move. Then I met Bennett.

Together we are bringing to life our vision to create the world’s best chocolate.
Yep, we said it.

In order to truly benefit from all the superior nutrient qualities of chocolate, we believe it should be eaten as close to its raw form as possible, just like fruits and veggies! When cacao is excessively heated, melted, processed, chemicalized, and combined with dairy products, it loses key nutrients like antioxidants, aphrodisiac and mood elevation qualities, and more.

Our cacao powder is processed at a lower temperature than commercially processed cocoa, keeping the integrity of the raw bean intact. We don’t add any artificial sweeteners, dairy products, or alkalizing agents because they inhibit the absorption of chocolate’s superfood nutrients.

We aim to keep the chocolate as close to the natural cacao bean as possible so we can deliver the highest quality chocolate you can find! We believe that eating really high-quality, nutrient-rich foods prepared with positive intention and love has the power to make you feel really good. We like to feel really good and want everybody else to feel the same. Who wants to feel really good? Go!