100% Plant based, nutrient rich, single origin chocolate

We believe in food that elevates the way you feel. No added junk. No weird substitutes. EVER. Because who’s got time for that? Just powerful ingredients with your health and the planet in mind.


Chocolate superfood

What comes to your mind when you hear the word chocolate? Guilt? Too unhealthy? Not real food? What would you think if that was not the case? That anyone could could eat delicious, ethically sourced, good-for-you chocolate. Everyday. Don’t believe it? It does sound too good to be true, but maybe your’e eating the wrong chocolate.

Let the Mama’s show you how.


a sustainable world

We share a vision of health, happiness and the ability to change the world, one kick ass chocolate bar at a time! We all believe in the power of eating high-quality, nutrient-rich foods prepared with positive intention and love. It makes you feel really good. And we like to feel really good and want everybody else to feel the same.

Try the chocolate and let the bliss chemicals in your brain have a field day.