OUR MISSION: To share good health and happiness, care for the planet, and inspire critical thinking about the food we eat.

We are what we eat. By eating food that vibrates at a higher frequency we heighten our life force energy and feel more radiant and alive. We use cacao in all of our products because of it's mood lifting properties, ability to enhance energy, it aids in weight loss, it's a natural aphrodisiac and it's the highest antioxidant food in the world. We only use natural sweeteners in all of our products. Natural sweeteners are lower on the glycemic index than refined sugars so they provide us with more sustainable energy, they are important for weight control and the regulation of diabetes. At NYSM we are dedicated to your health and wellness and having fun with the process!

Located on the island of Martha's Vineyard, we spend our days in our kitchen making tasty treats that are POWERFULLY healthy and INCREDIBLY delicious! Come experience locally produced, superfood chocolate that your body will LOVE YOU for. All ingredients are ETHICALLY sourced, ORGANIC, LOCAL (when possible) and HANDMADE with love. 
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