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Raw Chocolate Lovers Rejoice


Part of our mission at 7a foods is to hand select quality foodstuffs for our store. In staying true to our mission, we’d like to bring Not Your Sugar Mama’s into the spotlight and talk a little about raw chocolate and the women who make it.

Growing up, Bennett Coffey came to the Vineyard every summer. Lucky for us, Bennett made the island her permanent home three years ago. Since then she has earned a living teaching sailing and yoga, gardening, catering, and a one-night-gig working at a fine dining restaurant where she was not asked back after one too many wine glasses were broken.

From 2008-2009 Bennett attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. During her time there an alumnae gave a lecture on the benefits of raw chocolate and passed out free samples. Bennett was hooked. “They were delicious,” she remembers. “And I felt different after eating it.”

It turns out, chocolate, when not mixed with dairy and sugar, is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. It is also remarkably rich in magnesium, which balances brain chemistry, combats depression and builds strong bones. Eating chocolate in it’s raw form diminishes appetite, enhances relaxation and promotes better sleep. Upon learning all this, Bennett wanted to share the good news, that chocolate can be good for you!

Bennett began by making chocolate for family and friends as gifts. The positive response from those lucky taste-testers prompted Bennett to try out new recipes, experiment with different ingredients and ultimately secure a commercial kitchen space, and then, with the help of a friend, Kyleen Keenan, Not Your Sugar Mama’s was born.

Recently, Bennett and Kyleen opened a small chocolate factory in the Tisbury Marketplace (next to Rocco’s pizza). Don’t worry if you cannot get to Vineyard Haven because Not Your Sugar Mamas is currently sold in 50 locations in the New England Area, including 7a Foods.

Cheers to healthy chocolate and stay tuned to the 7a Foods blog for more profiles on our specialty products and the great people who make them.

Look for Not Your Sugar Mamas chocolate bars in our refrigerator!

Check out the article in 7a's Blog

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OPEN for Business by MV Patch.com

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Not Your Sugar Mamas has taken their raw chocolate business and made it brick and mortar. This week, Not Your Sugar Mamas opened their own store in Tisbury Marketplace next door to Rocco's Pizzeria. Ths store not only sells their amazing raw chocolate, but also organic coffee, herbal energy beverages, and other chocolate healty-for-you treats.

The founders of Not Your Sugar Mamas, Bennett Coffey and Kyleen Keenan, explained that their chocolate is, "Dairy free and gluten free as well as free of refined sugar."

Along with chocolate bars they also sell brownies and cookies. And a hot chocolate at Not Your Sugar Mamas means customers have a choice of organic or hemp milk and organic coconut palm sugar.

One of the most unique beverages that they sell that you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else, is the Dandilion Herbal Beverage.

"It's not a coffee beverage, it's an herbal beverage. It's made from dandilion root, beet root, and extract of roasted barley, rye and chickory root," said Keenan. 

Keenan said it has the same taste as coffee without the acidity. And it doesn't hurt your blood sugar. "It's a great alternative to coffee," she said.

"It's real energy, not just that instant shock...you can use it as espresso."

As for the store hours, "Right now we're open 11 am - 3 pm because we just opened, but we'll be expanding our hours soon."

The business has a twitter account: @NotUrSugrMamas and a Facebook page: Not Your Sugar Mamas where they will be posting updates and daily specials.


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