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A couple new discoveries and a couple classics, here’s what we’re lovin’ lately!

BEAUTY: Essential oil as fragrance. High end perfumes can cost up to $60 per oz! Instead try an essential oil like Rose, Lavender, or Eucalyptus. A few drops on your your neck and wrists will last all day. It’s all natural and much less expensive than traditional perfume. Plus, essential oil scents are very soothing and relaxing. Available at your local health food store!

BOOK: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. Marie Kondo, organization expert, shares her strategies on de-cluttering your home and how it will change your life. The premise is simple: keep only the things that spark joy!

NOT-SO-GUILTY PLEASURE: NYSM Ginger Pomegranate Chocolate. Not to toot our own horn but… actually, let’s toot it. This stuff is kind of blowing our minds it's so yummy. So many magical ingredients that will have you brain and body buzzing. We can't get enough!

NEW START-UP: Art of Organics is BirchBox NOT on steroids. All-natural beauty products delivered to your door with a monthly subscription. DREAMY. And founded by a woman? Even dreamier!

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Press: Point B Reality Lifestyle blog features Not Your Sugar Mamas

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When I had heard about Not Your Sugar Mamas and the raw chocolate they made, I was skeptical.  How could chocolate made from cacao and just a couple other natural ingredients be any good and actually good for you?  Isn’t it all that refined sugar and words I can’t pronounce that make chocolate so yummy?...Read on

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New Location: Main Street Wine and Gourmet in Orleans MA (CAPE COD)

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NEW LOCATION: Main Street Wine & Gourmet, Orleans, MA 

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Isador's Organics, an Organic Oasis in Central, MA

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Isador's Organics is like a beautiful flower in the middle of a concrete jungle. They are located in a small town in Oxford, MA. I found them when I was visiting my boyfriend's parents who live in a neighboring town, I was starved for nutrients when lo and behold I found an organic store! They make the best organic sandwiches fully vegan/vegetarian or with Applegate Organic meats and cheeses and organic farm fresh eggs for breakfast sandwiches to! The shop has a beautiful selection of organic products, cookbooks, drinks, organic fruit and vegetables that can be delivered! This is truly an example of AWESOME when it comes to organic.

Check out their website for more info.

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