Ball crazy

Posted on February 18, 2013 by Bennett Coffey | 0 Comments


I’ve been posting a lot on facebook lately about our superfood energy balls and people LOVE this product of ours. We get so much positive feedback about these balls it’s amazing. The shelves of Cronig’s are restocked each week with more ballsy bags and each time I walk by our shelf, it looks as if a tornado has come through. They fly off the shelves like crazy! There are so many unique ways to consume raw cacao and we feel really blessed to be able to provide you guys with so many different options. From chocolate bars, to smoothie mixes, to cookies, to energy balls there really is something for everyone. I love reading about new developments in the health and wellness field, I find it very exciting and inspiring to read about how a certain food can truly affect our health for the better. This week I came across an article emphasizing the health benefits of walnuts, and since our balls are made up of mostly walnuts I felt excited to share more about this superfood in case you weren’t already aware of the health properties. There have been numerous studies done showing that people who consumed walnuts moderately significantly lowered their LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) proving that it was a very heart healthy nut. Walnuts contain a variety of nutrients (arginine, polyphenols, omega 3s, gamma tocopherol) which help support the inner arterial lining and guard against abnormal platelet aggregation and heart disease. So eat up your walnuts this winter! And order some of our balls with the added benefit of raw cacao here. Are you crazy for our ballsy balls too?? Please share below. Happy hearts and happy tummies everyone. 


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