Meet the Founder - Tara Foley of Follain

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We know most of our customers are label readers on food - but do you hold your beauty products to the same standards? We are learning so much about the beauty industry from our friend Tara Foley who founded Follain, a healthy skincare retail store in Boston, DC and Nantucket. Tara was shocked by the unsafe ingredients in U.S. beauty industry, which eventually led her to open up her own company which has strict standards about the type of ingredients allowed in the products sold at her stores --- no cheap fillers and chemicals! We can relate with her on that philosophy! Sounds like how we feel about the ingredients we put into our food!

To help nourish our skin from the inside out, we are teaming up with Follain stores this Thursday (2/18) for a DIY face mask tutorial and education session about two of our favorite superfoods, cacao and rose. We will be at her Beacon Hill location, but all of the other stores will be doing the event as well. In the meantime, be sure to read this interview with Tara to be inspired to choose healthy ingredients, inside and out!


Why is it so important to be careful about what we put on our skin and hair? 

Skin is our largest organ! Just like the food we eat, the ingredients we feed our skin can be helpful or harmful. We believe in the importance of feeding our skin nourishing, vitamin-rich ingredients -- to protect it, and make it glow!

Plus, there is little-to-no regulation of the beauty industry in the U.S. In the E.U. and elsewhere, they've banned tons of ingredients (over 1,300 in the E.U.) from beauty products, because they consider these ingredients too toxic to consume. In the U.S., we've only banned 11 ingredients. This means we need to take extra responsibility for our own beauty ingredient consumption -- reading labels, and purchasing from brands and retailers we trust. 

How have you seen your industry change since you’ve started your company?

I started writing about this industry in 2009, via my blog The Naturalchemyst. Back then, many of the brands Follain carries didn't even exist! Since then -- and especially since opening Follain in July 2013 -- many more healthy beauty brands and retailers have emerged. The industry is finally catching up to demand. People have taken much more responsibility for their health, through diet and exercise, and are now ready to begin taking responsibility for the ingredients consumed through beauty and household products!

Whats the first cosmetic item you recommend someone to change to something healthier?

We get that question a lot at Follain. Learning about all the toxic ingredients in conventional products can be daunting. It may seem expensive and time consuming to throw away all your products and begin from scratch. This is why we recommend that you begin the switch with deodorant, soap, and then the other products you wear most. Some people wear tons of makeup, and should look to begin switching that ASAP. Others may not wear much makeup, and should begin with their lotions, aftershaves, and anything else that sits on their skin all day. 

What inspired you to start this business/become interested in what you were putting on your body? 

I was so invested in diet and exercise -- shopping for local organic produce, practicing yoga, and racing triathlons. Then I realized how counterintuitive it was to slather toxic beauty ingredients all over my skin, when I was concerned with fueling my body with the best ingredients possible. This realization -- paired with information about how harmful beauty ingredients and packaging are to the earth -- got me fired up to educate myself, and as many other people as possible. I knew stores were the best venue for this education, because of the one-on-one interaction you get in a store. 


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