Cleanses, Meal Plans + Meal Prep!


We offer fun and delicious customized meal plans and cleanses for your dietary needs! We have trained holistic nutritionists on staff - or we can work with with your healthcare providers to customize a meal plan for your needs.

One Day Reset Cleanse:

Give your digestive system a break and refuel your body with cleansing, nutrient-dense foods so you can feel better! This cleanse includes foods that are highly nourishing and easy to digest so that your body can naturally begin to detoxify itself. Our One Day Reset Cleanse includes food for an entire day, including a green juice, a detox smoothie, a nourishing soup, a salad and instructions and helpful tips. This cleanse can be customized to last more than one day. Our cleanse was highlighted in this this article from the MV Times "Let Food be Thy medicine and medicine thy food."  

Cost: $50 per day



Two Week Elimination Diet:

An elimination diet is designed to help you learn whether certain foods are causing negative symptoms in your body. We create two-week meal plans for you with guidelines so that you can successfully identify what foods are working for you and which ones aren't. This plan must be pre-ordered. You can also choose to do fewer days and cook more at home. Either way, we can customize a plan that is going to make this protocol easy and effective for you. 

Cost: Variable depending on plan



Juice Cleanse:

Detox your system with a 1, 2 or 3 day juice cleanse. We provide 3 juices, a spirulina lemonade and a vanilla almond milk per day- all designed for maximum detoxification. Sign-up by Thursday of each week for Monday pickup the following week. Orders must be paid for in advance! 

Cost: $50 per day, plus $5 refundable bottle deposit per day



Alkaline Cleanse (Raw):

The standard American diet is highly acidic which promotes disease in the body. The theory behind this diet is that a balanced pH is essential to staving off disease and promoting longevity- so eating higher alkaline foods will balance out an acidic diet. This cleanse is customizable using items from our menu and will give you all the food you need for a day of alkalizing your body.

Cost: Variable depending on plan



Customized Meal Plan and Meal Prep:

We can work with individual needs to offer you the meal plan you require! Give us a ring (508) 338-2018 or shoot us an email to

Cost: Our pricing is based on the cost of food and selection made - in our experience most full day plans range from $30-50 including drinks and three meals a day. All of our ingredients are organic and selected for optimal nutritional value.




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