Plant-Based Catering on Martha's Vineyard

We specialize in organic, plant-based catering

We use local ingredients whenever possible and make everything from scratch out of our dedicated gluten-free, organic, non-gmo, soy-free kitchen or we can come to you and cook!


  • Dinner parties
  • Cocktail parties
  • Potlucks
  • Drop-off dinners
  • Retreats
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Interested for another type of event? Give us a call! (508) 338-2018

We offer casual-style catering where we can deliver food that is ready to eat or requires minimal preparation OR we can come to your house/venue and prepare an incredible menu for you and your guests.

We have team members on staff that are certified holistic nutritionists and can serve to educate your guests and explain the benefits of the food we are serving as well as speak about the innovative techniques/recipes we use.  


Sample Casual Menu

Everything is plant-based (vegan), gluten-free and organic



"Cheese" Board: our baked almond feta with herb oil, our smoked jalepeno cashew cheddar, our creamy artichoke hummus, dried fruit, our superfood chocolate, raw nuts, olives, our GF artisan bread and GF crackers.

Spinach and Artichoke baked dip

Green Goddess Salad

Kale Caesar Salad


Three-"Cheese" Zucchini Lasagna (paleo)

Flatbread Pizzas (grain-free): cheesy marinara, buffalo chickpea or red onion and artichoke

Sweet Potato Lasagna with Pesto

Tikka Masala Chickpea Curry

Veggie Chilli with all the fixings: cashew sour cream, cashew parmesan, tortilla chips and sliced avocado

Mexican Brown Rice Bowl- black beans, brown rice, salsa, guacamole, cashew sour cream and greens 

Red Lentil Dahl- nourishing and warming anti-inflammatory soup



Tarts: double chocolate tart (with fresh fruit optional), salted caramel, chocolate with MV Sea Salt, key lime

Cakes & Pies: rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate cream pie with coconut whipped cream, berry crumbles

Chocolate Truffle Assortments

Whatever your needs are, feel free to contact us for more details and customization! (508) 338-2018


Sample Menus for Other Various Occasions

Backyard BBQ: Veggie Chili table (large veggie chili set up with all the fixings- cashew sour cream, cashew cheese, avocado, cilantro, guacamole, salsa, rice, tortilla chips). Large salads and our grain-free flatbreads.

Anniversary/Baby Shower: Large green goddess and kale caesar salads with two types of lasagna (3-"cheese" Zucchini Lasagna and Sweet Potato Lasagna). Grain-free flatbread breadsticks with garlic and parmesan .

Retreats: Green juices and smoothies, large salads, ayurvedic warming foods such as our red lentil dahl, tikka masala chickpea curry and brown rice bowls.

Fine-Dining: Our truffle "cheese", arugula and peach salad, oyster mushrooms over creamy polenta, sweet potato gnocchi with kale pesto and coconut "bacon", beet lava cake with warm chocolate sauce and homemade coconut whipped cream. 


*All of our grains are prepared in the traditional way (soaked 12-18 hours in cold water before cooking) to yield the grains more digestible. All of our organic beans are cooked with kombu seaweed and sea salt - making them more digestible. We use only organic avocado or coconut oil for high heat, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (for non-high heat). We use only Pink Himalayan Sea Salt


Contact us for more details! We are flexible and can work with your dietary needs and personal preferences. Call us at 508-338-2018 or email We look forward to working with you!