Opportunity for Holistic Health Practitioners

As holistic nutritionists ourselves, we realize the importance of being able to recommend clients healthful products that you can trust! As you well know, sugar and artificial sweeteners are some of the most toxic foods, we find that by recommending healthful alternatives, people are able to wean themselves off these highly processed and addictive substances. We've come up with an opportunity that can help you provide your customers with high vibration, nutrient dense, superfood treats, make you some additional cash on the side, and promote your business at the same time!

Here's how it works:

Being an NYSM Agent will mean you will:

1. Have access to wholesale pricing, allowing you to have reduced cost for product and allow for resell to your customers - making a profit!*

2. Be invited to share your articles and advice through our media chains: blog, facebook (we have 54,000 followers), our email blasts. This a great way to promote your business to our health conscious customers!

3. Be listed on our "Recommended Health Practitioners" page

About us:

We founded this company with the mission to spread health and happiness through kick ass chocolate creations. We sell to 80 stores in the New England area including grocery stores like Whole Foods, retreat centers like Kripalu, yoga studios and other farms and through holistic health practitioners. We sell online and have two of our own retail locations, here on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Take a look at our mission, our story, and definitely try our products. If you are interested and believe in our products, we would love to show you the support right back by offering you to be an NYSM Agent. 

Here is how to apply: 

1. Take a look at our wholesale catalog and our online products. You can have access to any product we have online.

2. Email us at Orders@NotYourSugarMamas.com or call Jamie at 508-338-2018 with your name and background, and contact information. We will schedule a call and set you up as a wholesale dealer. You can choose how you would like to be promoted through us (blog, facebook, email blasts, etc). Then we will list you on our store page and a recommended health counselor page.