High Vibrational Food

High Vibrational Everything - The Philosophy of NYSM

Connecting to our highest vibration is one of the most important things we can do at this point in time. Think about it like this: everything is energy, every little thing contains some amount of energy within it, some things more than others.  From a chair to a person, there is energy in each thing.

In regards to people, there are some people who are vibrating on a higher frequency than others. Maybe you’ve felt this but haven’t been able to really put it into words. You hang out with someone and you feel strange or down after you leave them. Some people who aren’t making the effort to connect to their higher vibration can energetically bring us down.

In regards to food, some food contains a higher vibration or more “life force” than other foods. Take kale for example. Kale is fresh out of the earth, it is a leafy green and it grows up and out, which gives us the same energetic feeling when we consume it. We feel lighter when we eat kale as opposed to a snickers bar. A snickers bar has taken natural ingredients like chocolate, dairy, nuts etc and processed them so much that there is very little to no energy left in that food. In fact, nutritionally it’s hardly a food at all.  In the long run, after we eat snickers we feel sluggish and tired, we are brought down by the lack of energy in a processed candy bar.

When we are aligned with our higher vibration we are living our truth and we are able to see and think more clearly. We have more positive and powerful thoughts going through our heads and we can attract positive things to ourselves.  When we are on that higher level, we have more energy, we feel inspired, we are happier.

Think about a downward spiral of energy. You hang out with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself, you go to the store and get a snickers bar, you feel crabby and pick a fight with a loved one, you start to spiral downward. But think about the opposite. When you treat your body with love and respect and feed it really high quality foods and you exercise your body and meditate to strengthen your mind, good things start to happen. This can be the case all the time. We just have to make the choice. It’s up to us whether to spiral upward or downward.  It seems like people have an obsession with control, with controlling their lives to look a certain way on the outside. But really, the only thing that we are in control of is our thoughts. We get to choose what we think about each and every moment, each and every day. When our inner world is peaceful, so is our outer world. It’s really that simple.  I like to keep a list of the things that bring me down and next to it make a list of the things that make me feel good. I try to do MORE of the things that make me feel good more often and LESS of the things that make me feel bad. We can catch ourselves before we start to spiral downward, we can literally stop in the moment and change our direction. When we are in tune with this idea of increasing our vibration and staying true to ourselves there is no other outcome than happiness and success. If we were all doing this, we would change the world. Outer peace starts with inner peace. If we stay responsible for raising our own vibration we will raise the vibration of the planet and heal ourselves and the planet. There is no other way.

What does this have to do with Not Your Sugar Mamas? The intention behind starting NYSM is all of this. The idea is to put a really high quality chocolate bar on the shelves infused with good vibes. We believe that the energy from the food infused with good vibes will actually transfer into the person eating it, and help, even if in a really small way, to raise the vibration of that person. Chocolate, particularly raw chocolate, is an incredibly high vibrational food with more antioxidants than any other. It also contains the bliss chemical that we release naturally in our brains, so we feel happy when we eat it. So when we say we are “spreading the love one kickass chocolate bar at a time,” we are not kidding. We believe that by putting these high quality, superfoods into your body we are helping to shift the vibration. When we eat foods with more life force, we feel better. Food affects everything, even our thoughts. By eating better, we will become happier, healthier and more successful people capable of anything we put our minds to. We have unlimited potential as human beings. The only thing that sets us apart from the most successful people is the way we think. If you think you can, you can and if you think you can’t, you can’t. So try raising your vibration and why not start with some chocolate from NYSM?