At Not Your Sugar Mamas, the integrity of our product, of our ingredients are number one priority. We've had typos before, but never have we compromised the integrity of our product or the ingredients we use. 

When we look for products we look for three main things, highest nutritional value, highest quality, and ethically sourced. 

We have formed one direct trade partnership with the farmers of the Association of Satipo, Peru where we source our cacao products and lucuma directly. We work with other trusted industry leaders while we aim to develop all of our own direct trade sources so you can meet the farmers through our website. 

List of all of our certified organic ingredients:

Direct Trade: (We buy directly from the source, this allows more of the profits to go directly to the f

Farmer with a young cacao tree

armers (paying far above "Fair Trade" prices, reducing waste and having more of a relationship with the farmers themselves)

Cacao (cacao powder, paste, and butter) - Association of Satipo, Peru

Lucuma - Association of Satipo, Peru

Fair Trade (We don't buy direct yet but are hoping to! All of these products are certfied fair trade meaning the farmers are paid fair trade prices, do not use child labor, or slavery, read more here.)

Coconut butter

Coconut Oil



Clear Blue Agave Nectar

Himalayan Sea Salt


Locally Sourced: 


- Skye Botanicals (Martha's Vineyard) - Aphrodite's Love Potion

- Adaptonics (Hanover, MA) - Peppermint, Lavender, St. John's Wort, Lemon Verbena