Raw Cacao

Raw cacao is made from the seeds of the cacao pod, of the cacao which originated in South America (picture to the right). These colorful pods contain fruit and seeds, and these SEEDS or "beans" are what cacao powder and butter is made from. 

Raw cacao is the powder/butter that has been made from cacao seeds (or "beans")
that have been processed at a low temperatures to ensure that the highest nutritional value has been preserved. In comparison, other cacao powders are made from cacao beans that have been roasted. Many conventional cacao powders are also treated with alkalizing agents and other additives which are used to change the color, modify the taste, and preserve. Both roasting and the use of additives reduces the nutritional value, which is why this distinction is important.

Health Benefits

Cacao is the highest antioxidant food on the planet according to the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity chart.  This is about 10 grams of flavenol antioxidants per 100 grams. Antioxidants help free the body of free radicals which cause damage to our cells.

The health benefits of cacao are numerous, particularly in it’s raw form since none of the nutrients have been lost in the heating process.

Some highlights are: 

  • Magnesium - cacao contains more magnesium than any other food. It is a powerful stress releiving mineral, helps relax muscles and build strong bones and teeth. It is the most important mineral for a healthy heart and plays an active role in mental clarity and function
  • BLISS CHEMICALS - cacao contains a four well known and wonderful neurotransmitters, serotonin, dopamine, anandamide (the "bliss chemical") and phenylethylamine (PEA). 

About the Growers

We buy our chocolate direct from an association of cacao farmers in Satipo, Peru. They are certified organic by Control Union, and officially accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The association is also a member of the Fair Trade Federation, and certified by a third party, which upholds standards on social, environmental, and fairly traded criteria.   

This association is certified organic by Control Union and is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, this ensures the cacao is certified organic and fairly traded. Each family has around 5 acres of cacao trees that are under the shade of larger trees such as coconut.

History of Cacao

Cacao has been refereed to as the food of the Gods by the indigenous people of Mexico, central and south American cultures and was even used as money by the Aztecs and the Mayans. It was primarily consumed as a hot drink (with no dairy or sweetener) until it was brought to Europe, where they sweetened it with sugar and milk. 

Since then it has been consumed primarily as a sweet desert. And since adding sugar sends spikes in our blood sugar and dairy inhibits the absorption of the powerful antioxidants, we make our chocolate with low glycemic sweeteners and use fats such as coconut butter.