Do you feel the need to cleanse?

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This time of year I always get the urge to cleanse. I feel like the idea of cleansing can either be really exciting for people or it can cause anxiety and overwhelm. I encourage you to not be overwhelmed by the idea. Simply put a cleanse is just an intentional simplification of your diet. It gives your body a chance to rejuvenate when we simplify or lighten the load of what we are consuming. When we give our digestion a break our body has more energy to focus on deeper processes of cell rejuvenation, invigorating us on a deeper level. Some people like to do juice fasts, some people like to eat raw fruits and veggies for a week or a cleanse can be as simple as choosing one food group, like meat for example, and excluding meat from your diet from a week or however long you choose. Personally I am choosing to exclude meat, dairy, wheat, sugars and alcohol from my diet for the next week. I will be drinking green smoothies and juices and eating a whole foods meal like quinoa, kale, veggies and beans once a day. 

I always feel so much more energized and clear after I cleanse. I feel like it really helps get my creative juices flowing and helps me develop more focus. Some people choose to simply drink more water in a given day to help cleanse. I think any awareness you bring to making your diet a little healthier and a little cleaner is better than nothing. 

Amazing transformations can happen when you cleanse. I’ll give you an extreme but attainable example. I saw a documentary this weekend at the Chilmark Film Festival called “May I Be Frank.” The film was about an Italian man from Brooklyn named Frank. He weighed close to 300 pounds, had hepatitis C, was on a slew of medications and was very depressed amongst many health concerns. As fate would have it he ended up at an organic, raw vegan café in San Francisco while on a trip. They have a “question of the day” at this particular restaurant and this day the waiter asked Frank “what is one thing you want to do before you die?” Frank answered that he wanted to fall in love one more time before he died but he was scared that he never would because no one would love him because he didn’t even love himself. After getting to know the staff they decided to make a film on Frank to document the change from his typical S.A.D. (standard American diet) to a clean, raw vegan diet. To make a really long story short, Frank lost about 150 pounds, cleared up his hepitatis C, mended all of his broken relationships with family by clearing up his anger, fell in love with his current, smoking hot wife, and tours the world educating people on health and reminding people that anything is possible. Sometimes all it takes is a little change in our routine to help us gain perspective on the areas of our lives that need more attention. I encourage you to bring a little more attention to eating a little cleaner and lighter this week in celebration of Spring, the perfect time for renewal. Have you ever cleansed before? If so, please share your experiences. If this is your first time please share your feelings on the topic below! 


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What is the HIGHEST antioxidant food on the planet?

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What do antioxidants do, you may ask? 

They eliminate harmful free radicals from the body making you stronger and healthier. Free radicals are a part of life, our body releases them when we breathe, run, and age ... but even MORE are produced with harmful pollutions, toxins in the air & food, and alcohol - so the MORE antioxidants in your diet the BETTER chance you have to resist the damage caused by free radicals and greatly reduce the risk of certain cancers.

ORAC Scores for top 10 Antioxidant foods per 100g


Not Your Sugar Mamas Raw Cacao Powder*



Raw Cacao Nibs**



Not Your Sugar Mamas Raw Dark Chocolate*



Roasted Cocoa Powder



Goji Berries**



Acai Berries**



Dark Chocolate











Source: US department of Agriculture

* Tested by Southern Cross University Australia

** Tested by Brunswick Laboratories, MA, USA


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A New Chocolate Factory on Martha’s Vineyard – Not Your Sugar Mamas

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A New Chocolate Factory on Martha’s Vineyard – Not Your Sugar Mamas

by GUINEVERE CRAMER on JUNE 29, 2012 for Point B Reality. 


Not Your Sugar Mama’s (NYSM) has opened  the doors at its new store/chocolate factory located in the Tisbury Market Place in Vineyard Haven. For those of you who may not be familiar with NYSM, it is RAW chocolate which is totally different from the chocolate in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

NYSM’s chocolate is gluten free, sugar free, and every ingredient used is pronounceable.  They use organic ingredients like herbs, blue green algae and agave (instead of sugar).  The best part is that the chocolate tastes amazing, and there’s a bonus too, it’s actually good for you. Read my earlier post on NYSM to find out more about the raw chocolate and how NYSM got started. 

On the outside, NYSM looks like a interesting place to check out.  Inside, the walls are a bright shade of blue, and there are bamboo floors and cool bamboo fixtures.  It’s bright and airy and just plain fun.  

It’s obvious the NYSM’s owners, Bennett Coffey and Kyleen(Ky) Keenan are enjoying their business.  I guess you have to have  fun when you’re making and selling chocolate that is good for you!

More Than Just Good (for you) Chocolate

With their store open, you are able to get the chocolate they’re known for and a whole lot more.  I have to mention you can also get NYSM chocolate  at Alley’s,CronigsBlack SheepEdgartownMeat & Fish, and at a number of other places too. When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by a display of chocolate treats for sale.

There were Fudgy Brownies which were indeed fudgy and super tasty.  The amazing thing is that there was no flour or sugar in them, instead they use Morning Glory Farm eggs and chickpeas, yes chickpeas as the base!  As I ate it with enthusiasm, I felt no guilt, which is a pleasant change.

There were Superfood Mini Scones which are chock full of oats, raspberries, pecans and more – so delicious, and there were various fruits, like elderberry, and nuts, like macadamia covered in NYSM chocolate too.  I can’t forget to mention the Raw Balls — soon to have the new name of Cookie Balls — because they actually taste like cookie dough, but are made with none of those naughty ingredients of typical cookie dough.

Don’t forget to grab a couple of NYSM chocolate bars while you’re in the store.  The Be Freshis still my favorite out of the four flavors which also include Be CoolBe Original, and Be Sexy.  I love the hint of lemon from the lemon verbena and the vanilla in it.  Look for new flavors in the Fall.

So, now that you have a serious hankering for some chocolate, there’s more to tempt you with.  You also grab a cup of Chilmark Coffee Company coffee (another local favorite we recently profiled), and of course there are greataccouterments like agave and coconut palm sugar for your joe.  In the mood for something else?  There’s also tea, iced tea, and Superfood Hot Chocolate (made from NYSM hot chocolate mix) that you can also have iced so it’s more like super chocolate milk, yum.  

There’s also the Dandy, which is made with extracts of roasted barley, rye, chicory, dandelion and beet root – their signature drink — which is a healthy alternative to coffee, which tastes amazing, even though there are some crazy ingredients in it.  Not that I think coffee is unhealthy, I live on the stuff, but there are some who don’t feel the same way.

There are definitely some fun things to try at NYSM. When you go, hope you’re feeling adventurous because some people need to be opened minded about the ingredients and just try things.  I myself was a little skeptical because who would ever think that beet root could taste yummy, but Bennett has developed some recipes that will make such ingredients work.  I don’t know how she does it!  

NYSM has brought sweet treats that are good for you to the masses, well at least to us and about 57 other places that carry NYSM.  I imagine that we are going to see their chocolate in more and more places. Marrying tasty with health like they have, really shows that you can be good to yourself and good to your body.

For full article by Point B Reality, please visit their site here 

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Food Focus - GREEN

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How do greens affect your body? Read this fresh article to find out!

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