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"If you're looking for a slightly different kind of chocolate, try the bars from Not Your Sugar Mamas. The Martha's Vineyard company, founded in 2011 by Bennett Coffey and Kyleen Keenan, uses raw cacao, meaning the beans have not been roasted. "We keep everything raw, which helps keep the antioxidant value of the products," says Coffey. They mix organic raw cacao powder and cocoa butter, purchased from farmers in Peru, with natural sweeteners (maple syrup or coconut nectar) and other flavorings in their small Vineyard Haven factory."

// The Boston Globe

"Forget the chalky, heart-shaped milk chocolate that’s everywhere this week. There’s a sweeter way to enjoy chocolate on February 14thanks to Bennett Coffey, 30, and Ky Keenan, 27, founders of raw chocolate brand Not Your Sugar Mamas. And the best part (okay, second to the fact that it’s chocolate) is that it’s actually not bad for you."

// Well + Good




"After a grueling workout, head to Not Your Sugar Mamas for a nutrient-packed smoothie spiked with avocado, banana, mango, hemp protein, and coconut water, with a dash of mesquite to build strong bones. Don’t leave without a bag of their best-selling vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies or the naturally sweetened chocolate sauce with raw cacao and agave made in their own island kitchen."


"The island hosts two Not Your Sugar Mamas Chocolate shops (one in Vineyard Haven and another in Edgartown) that offer raw, organic, gluten-free chocolate bars, baked goods and caffeinated drinks."

// Forbes Magazine



"Bennett Coffey, the co-founder of Not Your Sugar Mamas, which makes nutrient-rich, dairy-free, organic chocolate bars, recalled printing up special labels designed to grab the attention of the president or first lady. “They said, ‘Hey Obama, we’re not your sugar mama,’ or something like that,” Coffey said. Another year, her chocolate chip cookies made it into a gift basket of local items that went to White House staffers... Obama’s invisibility, however, has dampened her presidential dreams. This year, she’s hoping that Obama or the first lady — a big backer of locally produced, healthful foods — might stumble on her chocolate in a Vineyard store or at one of the local farmers’ markets. So far, the Obamas haven’t been spotted doing much, if any, shopping. “It’s sorta like getting Oprah’s attention,” Coffey said. “I guess we believe in miracles,” said Kyleen Keenan, Coffey’s business partner.

// The Washington Post

"100 Things to be Thankful For This Year. Need a little help brainstorming what you're thankful for? We came up with plenty ... 
71. These gluten-free chocolate chip cookies."

// Real Simple

"Who makes the best chocolate in Boston?  Not Your Sugar Mama! No, seriously—this new star of the Boston chocolate scene is infiltrating the local shops and being snatched up at an alarming pace. As soon as the bin is filled in my neighborhood market, it seems to empty out in less than a week—and it’s no surprise why.  I mean this chocolate is good.  Better than good, great."

// Dig Boston's Weekly


"I’m not going to lie, it’s only recently that I’ve come around to the notion that gluten free, organic, vegan treats and the like could actually taste good. Not only are they good, if done correctly, you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Now I know that some of you skeptics are sitting there shaking your head at me, but one taste of Not Your Sugar Mamas gluten free chocolate cupcake recipe and I promise you’ll be a convert as well."

// Style Me Pretty Living


Raw Chocolate: A Recipe

// Star Chefs



2015 Clean Choice Awards - Sweet Treats

"Just one bite of this melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and you'll know why we picked this bar as the winner. With ingredients such as raw organic cacao powder, organic maple syrup, and organic vanilla, this is among the cleanest chocolates around." 

// Clean Eating Magazine


Star Chefs 2014 Rising Stars: Best Concept Chocolate

"Bennett Coffey and Kyleen Keenan didn’t have a ton of experience in the food business, but they had an idea and they ran with it. Clever, fearless, and with a contagious love of chocolate, they got down to business—and it worked. Starting in the kitchen of Coffey’s parent’s house, Not Your Sugar Mamas now has two cafés on Martha’s Vineyard, and their chocolate products are sold at 85 locations across New England and New York, and as far west as Oklahoma and Iowa, including many Whole Foods. Just like the Mamas, their chocolate emanates health, happiness, and love. They use raw cacao, unrefined sugars, and no dairy—both firm believers that their way is the most nourishing for mind, body, soul, and palette. This isn’t your mama’s chocolate. Coffey and Keenan make chocolate that matches their spirit."

// Star Chefs 


Boston Chocolate Madness 2014: Best Chocolate