Big News! Packaging Improvements & new look!

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We've had a lot of exciting things happening over her over the passed few months and are so excited to finally be sharing it with you!!

First, Ky is having a baby! Nicknamed the "Sugar Baby" she is 7.5 months pregnant and due in September!


Second, we've revamped our packaging and logo and much more! This change has come for many reasons. First, it is way more efficient on the production end, way more eco-friendly, and much easier to understand! A big thanks goes out to all the Grocery Buyers and Customers who have helped us with this improvement through surveys and direct feedback. So many have helped us get to this stage, and we are SO GRATEFUL! So here we go - giving birth to the NEW and IMPROVED NYSM packaging! 


5 REFRIGERATED BARS + 3 SHELF STABLE BARS  = 6 SHELF STABLE BARS ONLY: We understand it has been confusing with our line of refrigerated chocolate bars and then our shelf stable bars. Our most loyal customers even called us to tell us that our bars had accidently been put on the shelf, hehe. It was just too confusing for both buyers and store owners. So what we did, is we took our 3 most popular refrigerated flavors, and turned them into shelf stable bars (We took out the coconut butter, which made them need refrigeration).  They have been taste tested and approved by our most dedicated fans, and ourselves (our biggest critics) and they are DELICIOUS. Can’t wait for you to try the “new” flavors. The three original shelf stable bars (Be Rich, Be Crunchy, Be Sappy) remain unchanged and Lavender Sea Salt, Rose & Maca, and Pure & Simple are based off of the refrigerated bars Be Local, Be Sexy, and Be Original. 

BE RICH –> SALTED CARAMEL: With the new packaging, we clearly define what the flavor is. Some customers were confused by what the flavor profile was, and our most common question at in-store demos was, what’s the flavor? Be Rich is what we called it, but Salted Caramel is really what it is. So we made that change! All recipes from Sappy, Rich, and Crunchy have stayed the same! Rose & Maca, Lavender Sea Salt, and Pure & Simple are recreations of our refrigerated bars Be Sexy, Be Local, and Be Original. Our feedback so far has told us that this change makes it easier to read and choose the flavor profile they are looking for!


SQUARE –>  RECTANGLE: We went from Square to Rectangle. The second most popular question we got was, “what is it?" The shape is a little deceiving. Plus, this bar is SO much easier to wrap and uses half the packaging as our old packaging.


OVERALL DESIGN: reflects what our bar is – A SUPERFOOD chocolate bar, handmade with so much love on Martha’s Vineyard. This isn’t your average run of the line “candy” bar. Its packed with the most nutrient dense, high quality ingredients on the planet. There are HEALTH BENEFITS in EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT, and we preserve these in our low temperature production process. So we hope the new packaging helps convey the powers of this immune boosting, antioxidant rich, treat yourself GOOD bar. This information cannot be saved for the back, so we put it on the front!


IN-STORE CASES: Haven’t we all been waiting for these? We will actually have beautiful boxes that come with twelve bars neatly packed. We are getting it together, I know... EXCITING!!

Its a BOX!   Or an in-store display case?? 

Its Both!!

WEIGHT: Has actually stayed the same. However, we found out that the bars we were selling at two.two ounces were in fact 3.0 ounces. So we’ve been giving away .08 ounces of chocolate per bar (and more in the BE RICH bar). So we’ve corrected this and will have all bars weigh the actual weight of two.two. If you think its smaller, it may seem that way, but its actually just the correct weight.


PRICE: Will stay the same until further notice! Our goal is to get our price down with these new processes, but for the time being, all prices remain the same, and they will probably go down, not up! Thanks to efficiency.


THANK YOU: To so many of our customers who have been patient with us through our growing pains, and have given us many of these suggestions throughout the years. You also helped us extremely by taking our survey and just being awesome. So thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!




Q: Will you still have the refrigerated bars?

A: We have a few left in stock - and in our stores. But we have officially discontinued the Refrigerated Bars!

Q: What about the other products?

A: We will sell our Smoothie Mixes and Energy Balls until we are out of stock - then they will be discontinued! One day we might bring them back but right now we are becoming really efficient with our chocolate bars! Don't worry though, we love you guys so much, that when they are officially done - we will release the recipes :)

Q: The cookies?

A: Will remain until further notice!



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Dan Morse
Dan Morse

November 25, 2014

Discontinuing your Be Original Series is a bold, drastic move. You have managed to screw up a genius business idea. Tried the new bars. They are no different from the scores of chocolate bars they Are compeating with for shelf space. And eventually you will lose because you can’t win on price margin. Someone will always be cheaper. And when you make a parody product, sadly, which your new bars are, you will always lose. Go read about the “classic Coke” marketing g story. Maybe you can turn this around and create even more demand by reverting g back. Marketing 101: don’t let the market dictate your terms. Stay true to your roots and they will sprout success. As soon as your last refrigerated bar is gone, so will I go as well.


November 25, 2014

Hey Chris, we brought back our refrigerated bars online for a limited time. Stock up while ya can! We may also bring them back in the future for local and online customers.

Suzanne- we will keep the cookies! Don’t you worry. If all goes well with our plan, we will have more baked foods available locally and online next year!

Mallory- so glad you found the bars! Please contact us when your on island! We are all very passionate about health and wellness.



November 14, 2014

Wow, how things change. My wife and I love the original refrigerated bars and really dislike the new shelf bars. when ever we had/have visitors to the island we would set up our guestroom with maps, flowers and Not Your Sugar Mama’s Original Bars. Something so different then the rest of the world,however since the change and I know this is do to demand, the bars taste and feel waxy. Sad to say they are no longer used in our guest room. we do not care for them anymore. I will search high and low for the original refrigerated bars but when they are all gone so are we.I wish you guys all the best but don’t forget what put you on the map.


October 30, 2014

you just cannot give up on the cookies! in fact, i would love to see you guys do more baked products. they are so unsual – tasty but healthy. really hard combo to nail and you do it. keep it up. and enjoy the newborn!!!


August 11, 2014

I JUST discovered your products yesterday at the Windfall Market in Falmouth, and I have to say, I am so excited! I have always been really into nutrition and holistic wellness, and these chocolate bars made me smile, a lot. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of you before! But I will be on the island a week from today, and I plan on coming in to meet you! :)


August 10, 2014

Looks amazing!!!! Cannot wait to order them all up.

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