5 Ways to Make the Most of Summer!

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Ah, sweet, sweet summertime. Summer means cookouts, sunshine, friends, and adventures. We embrace it's arrival with campfires, flip flops, bike rides, and ice pops. And then, before we know it, the cool, crisp freshness of fall is upon us and that "Back to School" mindset hits us.

Make the most of your summer by setting an intention for the season. There are 54 days left until Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. It’s not too late to carpe that diem before that fall hustle comes knockin' at your door!

1. Set a goal. Make the most of the rest of the summer by setting and achieving a goal that you want to achieve. Empower yourself with constant self-improvement to make sure you’re always striving towards achieving your fullest potential. Whether you want to learn to surf, eat more veggies, or be more productive at work, there is always room for self-improvement! Here are some simple tips for setting a realistic and achievable goals.

2. Make a new friend. Whether you’re the new kid in town or you’re just looking to connect with more like-minded people, there’s always room to accept a new friend into your life! While this isn’t something you can necessarily plan and check off a list, you can open your mind to the idea and put yourself in situations that will make it a little easier. Look back on your newest friendship and consider when the relationship changed from acquaintances to friends. Make plans outside of your usual meetup, hangout consistently, and be vulnerable - finding if you can connect on an emotional level will help you determine if the friendship has staying power!

3. Be one with the outdoors. Stay up until sunrise. Get up to watch the sunset. Swim in a river, or lake, or ocean. Sleep in a hammock. Heck, even cutting the grass counts! Spend some solo time in the great outdoors and reflect in earth’s natural beauty. Let nature run through your body and clear your mind. Environmental Philosopher John Muir once wrote, “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off you like falling leaves.” Just reading those words makes us feel lighter and calmer, like a salty ocean breeze on our cheeks!

4. Explore a new place. You don’t have to plan a luxurious tropical getaway to get the thrill of exploring a new place. You’ll be surprised at the new experiences you can have in your own backyard. Make a list of a few places within an hour of home that you’ve always been meaning to go to and make the time to go! Have no expectations except to just be open to discovering something new. Visit a local farm and pick blueberries then teach yourself to make jam. Or visit a local historical site and discover something new about your town. Put in a little extra effort to have conversations with the locals you meet on the way - you never know what kind of interesting tidbits they’ll have to share!

5. Leave your phone at home. Remember when you were a kid and summer vacation seemed to last forever? Maybe that’s because all you had to worry about was protecting your sand castle from rogue waves and slurping your ice pop before you and your tinkerbell t-shirt were wearing it. Challenge yourself to leave your phone behind from time to time. Instead of worrying about taking that perfect picture or figuring out where you’re going to eat next, just enjoy the beauty around you and let spontaneity be your guide! And if you get lost, just ask a real-live human instead of Siri! Here are some tips on how to disconnect sans stress!



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