6 Creative Ways to Add More Chocolate to your Life

Posted on August 24, 2015 by Not Your Sugar Mamas | 0 Comments

If you're here reading this post, you'll probably agree with us that chocolate makes everything better. And it's more versatile than you may think! There are lots of natural, creative ways to add good-for-you Superfood Chocolate like Not Your Sugar Mamas into your life aside from the obvious. Here are some fun ways to satisfy your cacao cravings without resorting to mass-produced, nutrient-starved chocolate bars.  

Put raw cacao in your smoothie! Chocolate isn’t just for your ice cream milk shakes anymore! It’s 100% okay to add raw cacao powder to your smoothie any time of day! You’ll be surprised how a little bit of cacao can totally transform your tired fruit smoothie into a tantalizing treat you’ll come to crave! Add 1 tablespoon for every 8 oz!

Sprinkle cacao nibs on your breakfast! Cacao nibs are basically just bits of crushed cacao beans. They are jam-packed with all the goodness and nutrients that cacao powder has to offer They’re intensely chocolatey with a crunchy texture, but not at all sweet. We like to enjoy cacao nibs paired with something sweet to compliment cacao's natural bitterness. Sprinkle atop yogurt and honey, pancakes and maple syrup, or chocolate chia seed pudding!

Turn that basic cup-o-joe into a mocha latte! When the afternoon is dragging, this chocolatey java blend will give you that much needed boost to get you through the day.  While you’re brewing your coffee, whisk 2 tablespoons of cacao and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup on medium heat in a small sauce pan until the lumps are gone. Add your cup of coffee to the saucepan and whisk until combined. Return coffee mixture to mug and add cream or your favorite dairy-free substitute!

Turn your next dinner dish into a Mexican Fiesta with chocolate based Mole sauce. This easy recipe atop a roasted chicken breast or a grilled Portobello mushroom with a side of quinoa stir-fried with tomatoes, corn, and green peppers makes a delicious summer dinner! 

Two Words: Melted Chocolate. Chocolate fondue tastes good with pretty much anything. And there’s no reason to wait for the next big special occasion to enjoy it. Treat yourself by drizzling some melted chocolate on chunks of banana, pineapple and strawberries. When melting the chocolate on the stove top, it’s always good to use the double-boiler strategy to avoid heating the chocolate too quickly and burning!

Put it on your face! We’re a big fan of this 3 ingredient cacao face mask. It’s super easy to make and will leave your face feeling soft, fresh, and hydrated (not to mention, smelling extra yummy).

Time to get your CHOCOLATE on!



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