Are you "shoulding" yourself?

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Some time ago I decided to remove the word “should” from my vocabulary. “What should I do?” “what should I eat” “I should do this, I should do that”…these phrases were making me feel crappy. I was not eating or doing things that I really wanted to do. I feel that when we “should” ourselves we are becoming more and more disconnected from what really makes us happy. What if we could rephrase the questions to “what do I want to eat?” “I want to do this”. Particularly when it comes to food, when we are “shoulding” ourselves we are disconnecting from what it is that our body really wants. This is what listening to our body is all about. We think we should eat the lower fat, “healthier” option but sometimes that is just not what suits us. For instance, if you are a woman and it’s that time of the month, most of us need more protein and more fat at that time. So maybe that big juicy steak is exactly what your body needs. Maybe an extra handful or two of nuts is what you need depending on your body type. Our body is very intelligent and knows what it wants but it’s our minds that talk us out of it. “No, no stay away from the steak, eat the green salad instead, it’s better for you”. If we are listening to that voice all the time we are not giving ourselves what we really need. Even when it comes to exercise, if you’ve had a long day and are feeling truly exhausted but you feel like you “should” work out, you could be doing more damage to yourself than you think. Maybe what your body really needs at that time is rest, time to restore and reboot to keep your immune system strong and healthy and not wear yourself out. Giving yourself permission to do what it is that you want to do provides so much more freedom and room to explore. Maybe for some of us, we haven’t yet fully developed the trust that our body is really going to lead us in the right direction if we get off the “should” train. And maybe we won’t get it 100% right to begin with, especially if doing what we want is a new concept. It takes some time to develop that intuitive muscle so being patient with the process is key. But over time we will develop a stronger and stronger intuitive muscle and gain so much more freedom and trust within ourselves. When it comes to food, what would it feel like to eat what you want and not what you think you should eat? Is this concept scary or liberating? Tell us what you think below..

by, Bennett Coffey

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