Does the quality of your food effect the quality of your life?

Posted on March 04, 2013 by Bennett Coffey | 2 Comments

 In the past, I didn’t have a true concept of what it meant to live healthily.  My idea of being healthy was to be skinny. I think that this is a common misconception for a lot of people, especially women. I thought the less food I ate the better. And when I did eat, I had feelings of guilt and shame surrounding my mealtimes, which were few and far between. During this part of my life, I was also feeling depressed and anxious. I wasn’t fully expressing myself. I didn’t experience a lot of joy in my life…and if I did it was in a fleeting, unsustainable fashion. What I’ve learned since beginning my studies in holistic nutrition is that our relationship with food is indicative of our relationship with our life. Once I learned what foods worked for me (as it’s different for each person), I began nourishing myself with nutrient dense whole foods. That is, food that hasn’t been processed and stripped of all nutrients (like many canned or processed foods that come in a package). I began spending most of my time in the grocery store in the produce section.  I realized this is where the real food lives! These are the foods that make my body and soul thrive. As I began to give myself permission to enjoy foods that fueled me (eating for fuel+enjoyment is the ultimate eating experience), I began to experience states of pure bliss in my life. I began not only seeking the highest quality food possible but also the highest quality life experiences possible. This is when my love affair with SUPERFOODS like raw cacao began. I thought “Why not feed myself with the healthiest foods out there? What’s stopping me?” The quality of foods that I choose to eat is a mirror of the quality of experiences I have in my life now. I want nothing but the most fulfilling, highest vibration food and life experiences because you only live once. Why not love yourself enough to take really good care of yourself? Have you experienced a shift in the way you eat and the quality of your life? Please share with us below. 


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Cora Marie
Cora Marie

March 08, 2013

Nutrient dense diet = strength to be soft. Love you guys. Thanks for you work, B!


March 05, 2013

Thanks for sharing your story! I completely I agree! I have truly fealt a difference in consuming foods that are full of life, I feel like my head is cleaner and calmer and that helps me make healthy decisions in my relationships, work, and beyond. Keep Em coming B!

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