Ice Cold Chocolate Latte

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Superfood Ice Cold Chocolate Latte

This is our favorite treat on a hot day! This drink contains antioxidant rich raw cacao, and also superfood lucuma, which is high in beta carotene and B vitamins to boost your brain power - perfect for an afternoon pick me up. It also contains mesquite which is a source of protein and calcium for bone health. Make a batch and keep in the fridge to enjoy this superfood treat at your leisure.

Ice Cold Chocolate Latte made with Be Cozy and Hemp Milk


4 tsp Be Cozy (per 8 oz milk)

8 ounces of your favorite milk (we love it with Hemp Milk!)


Heat up half the amount of hemp milk just so it is warm enough to melt the Be Cozy mix. Add the Be Cozy and stir until all chocolate its melted. Add the cold milk. When serving, pour over ice. 

To make the mix thicker, stick it in the fridge for a couple hours. 

Add other superfoods if you wish! 

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December 25, 2012

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