Aphrodite’s Love Potion- A powerful elixir made by Skye Botanicals. Helps boost the libido along with the maca in our Be Sexy bar, watch out! 

Peppermint: An awesome, naturally refreshing herb. A perfect way to cool off in the hot summer days. The menthol also helps aid digestion! Double bonus!

Lavender: Lavender is very calming and relaxing. It also has the ability to promote tissue regeneration.
Lavender plant, courtesy of Adaptonics

Lemon Verbena: Has a very refreshing taste and also known to have immune boosting properties, helps strengthen the digestive track (great fro spring right after the winter of digesting heavy foods), and known to help distress the body (especially the colon). It also helps with regulating metabolism, breaks down cellulite, and is often used as a slimming aid. (and it's in our Be Fresh bar!)



All of these tinctures are locally made on Martha's Vineyard (Skye Botanicals) or Hanover, MA (Adaptonics).