Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order? Yes, for our chocolate bars, because we ship with icepacks and priority mail, the minimum order is 5 bars or $42.

Can I order just one flavor? Yes, there is an option to select if you would like one flavor or a mixed case. (Products - Chocolate Bars - Choose Size - Choose Flavor)

Can I have a random mixed case? Yes, unless you specify, we will give you an evenly divided mixed case. There will be a "Special Instructions" box to specify at checkout.

Can I order a random number of chocolate bars? The reason we have the amounts we chose is because it makes the most economical sense to ship in our boxes and with proper insulation. If there is a quantity you would really like (that's more than 5) please send us an email with your request.

Is this chocolate suitable for Vegans? Yes, all except the Be Sexy which has a small trace of local honey in the love potion and the Be Local which also contains honey. 

Can we do special labels for a special occasion? Yes, depending on quantity and there is a fee for label creation. Send us an email or call us.

Are all of your products gluten free? Yes everything we produce is free of gluten!

Are your products suitable for diabetics? All of our sweeteners are natural, low glycemic and suitable for diabetics. We use raw coconut palm sugar or maple syrup which are both low on the glycemic index, but always consume at your own discretion!

Any questions, concerns? Please feel free to contact us at:


call us at (508) 338-2018

We Appreciate Your Business & Support!