Events + Classes at the Cafe

We will have additional flatbread specials. Bring your crew and come in to share a delicious flatbreads.

Come in at your convenience - breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

We will offer our first ever brunch from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM... think waffles, chickpea scrambles, milkshakes and donuts! WHAT!?


May Classes:

Rockin’ MoRAWkin Cooking Class

3-Part Workshop 5/15, 5/22, 5/29

Join us in this three-part workshop exploring Moroccan culture through it’s sumptuous cuisine. Though Moroccan cooking is known for its savory pastries, meat tagines, and couscous dishes, fruits, nuts, vegetables and gluten-free grains, play a huge part in it’s culinary tradition. The deserts, mountains and fertile coast support the cultivation of an astonishing variety of produce from mangoes and bananas in the south to almonds and apples in the Atlas Mountains and the dishes that we will be creating in this workshop pay tribute to this diversity. Emphasis will be placed on sustainability and community as integral components of authentic Moroccan cooking and eating. Each session will begin with Moroccan mint tea as we discuss what we will be making. In the first session participants will learn to make an assortment of cooked and fresh salads using familiar vegetables in unique ways, fennel with red onion and orange slices, greens with dates and rose petals, carrots with cinnamon and chili, just to name a few. The second session with be focused on building an elaborate ground corn couscous dish topped with stewed vegetables, caramelized onions and raisins, apricots stuffed with walnuts and fried almonds. During the third session we will make several different delicate sweets using dried fruits, nuts, seeds, honey, and orange blossom water. 

Cost $50/session includes instruction by Gia Rae + all food and drink

Or $140 all three

Limited to 10 people! Sign up now!!

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(In a complicated world!)

5/9 & 5/16


with anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant rich foods from nature

Inflammation = dis-ease, it's the body's Fight, Flight or Freeze response to stress

Stress = hard to digest foods, thoughts & actions in your environment, diet & lifestyle

  • Flight (draws blood away from vital organs like the brain and heart-poor circulation
  • Fight (antibodies attack what's unnatural or undigested-allergies, autoimmunity) 
  • Freeze (mental, emotional & physical body overwhelmed & confused, stops working-depression, hypothyroid, weight gain)                                                          

Nature WARNS us with these responses.  Nature also gives us FOOD to REPAIR. IF YOU EAT IT. 

With Rebecca J Briggs

RYT, CN Certified Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher with 20+ years of Experience

$40/night includes all food and drink