Copy of Grocery Delivery Service

Our intention has always been to make healthy, organic food more easy and accessible for everyone. We know everyone is busy and your time is precious- one way to make healthy eating even easier for you all is to deliver it right to your front door (or even pack it right into your fridge if you'd like...).

Cue our NYSM Grocery Delivery Service.

We will be able to deliver our line of plant-based cheese, soups, casserole dishes (just pop in the oven and dinner is served), smoothies (just add water and blend at home or we can blend for you to stick in the fridge), salads, dessert tarts and more! We will also be able to deliver fresh juices. We are upgrading our juicing system and will be able to juice for you with enough lead time. 
*Please note we will not be delivering our hot food items to-go


As of right now, we will be delivering on Wednesdays and Fridays. (If this is well-received we are open to adding more delivery days). 

For Wednesday delivery, you must place your order by the end of the day Monday.

For Friday delivery, you must place your order by end of the day Wednesday


Call the store 508-338-2018 or email

If emailing your order, please include your name, phone number, delivery address, order and quantities. We will call to confirm your order and take a credit card over the phone. Once your payment information is set up, we are happy to store it and send invoices via email if you choose.

All food will be made fresh to order.

Check out the menu:


We are so, so happy to be able to offer this to you all, and hope that it makes it easier to bring healthy, organic, plant-based foods into your lives and the lives of your loved ones. Please help spread the word!