About Us


Our Mission: To spread health, happiness, and love one kick ass superfood at a time.

So you want to know what inspired the creation of the world’s best chocolate bar?

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll Baby.

No, not really.  Bennett went through college to have a good time. And she did. When she graduated she had no idea what to do. Naturally, she moved to Hawaii. She always had an interest in her health but didn’t really know what to do with that until she discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City while browsing the Internet one day. She moved back to the East Coast to attend this amazing school and doesn’t regret it one single day. This school changed everything. She became certified as a holistic nutrition counselor and was inspired to make a positive contribution to the world. She discovered raw chocolate and the amazing benefits it has to offer. She started playing with recipes and selling chocolate products to friends and family. She knew it could be more but wasn’t equipped with the business skills that she needed.

Along came Ky, whose enthusiasm, positive attitude and education in business was the perfect match for Bennett's chocolate. Once she tried the chocolate, she couldn't believe this product wasn't available to the public! 

Ky went to college and worked really hard to gain the skills she needed to run a successful business. After graduating and becoming disappointed with the business environment in the US, she traveled abroad and had the opportunity to work young, brilliant entrepreneurs of Latin America. She came home inspired to be part of an authentic business with a powerful mission. She wanted to put her business knowledge to use in a way that had a positive impact, not just computing numbers for a big business. When she met Bennett, they instantly connected on the desire to create positivity in the world, and with Bennett's phenomenal chocolate, they started Not Your Sugar Mamas with one simple goal—to spread health, happiness, and love through powerful superfoods. 

Together, we know we can accomplish anything. We share a vision of health, happiness and the ability to change the world, one kick ass chocolate bar at a time! We both believe in the power of eating high-quality, nutrient-rich foods prepared with positive intention and love. It makes you feel really good. And we like to feel really good and want everybody else to feel the same. Try the chocolate and let the bliss chemicals in your brain have a field day.