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chocolate every day

A sweet, mostly vegan collection of chocolate treats from the founders of not your sugar mamas.

You think you love chocolate, but do you know how much you could actually love it? In Chocolate Every Day, Bennett and Ky show chocolate for what it really is: a delicious and incredibly potent, antioxidant powerhouse filled with vitamins and nutrients.

Their decadent recipes do away with the refined sugar, dairy, and gluten found in traditional chocolate treats, and instead rely on raw cacao and high-quality, unprocessed ingredients to create snacks and desserts you can actually feel good about eating. By combining raw cacao with organic, natural sweeteners, nutrient-rich fats, and superfoods like maca and lucuma, Bennett and Ky's delicious treats pack a real health punch--and are as decadent as their traditional counterparts.

Filled with tips and tricks for deciphering chocolate certifications and labels, a guide to building a superfood pantry, and more than seventy-five recipes for delectable and irresistible sweets, like Fudgsicles, No-Bake Thin Mints, Mexican Chocolate Cashew Milk, and Crunchy Salty Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Every Day will give you more reasons than ever before to indulge in this beloved flavor.


75+ recipes

Chocolate Every Day features 75+ recipes for health and wellness powered superfood sweets. No matter your preference, the Mamas guarantee you will find something that will tickle your taste buds and bring out the baker in you.

quick & easy

Each of the recipes in the Chocolate Every Day cookbook was made with the everyday person in mind. Crazy cooking tricks? Steep learning curves? Pastry chefs only? Not here. The Mamas are focused on making organic food accessible, quick and easy. Healthy, good tasting desserts are right around the corner.

power of cacao

Did you know that Cacao is a natural antioxidant powerhouse? Not many people do! It is time to stop looking at chocolate in a negative light and start understanding the power of Chocolate Every Day.


Not quite convinced?

You can make these dishes too with the Chocolate Every day cookbook from Not Your Sugar Mamas.