Don't forget about YOU this holiday season

Posted on December 11, 2012 by Bennett Coffey | 1 Comment

Let's face it, the holidays are commonly a time when we eat too much. 

There is that uncomfortable time during the meal where we have to adjust our pants because we’ve gone overboard. And then the next few days we might resort to wearing our “fat” pants because we feel so much heavier...
Let’s first remember that the holidays are a time to be with our family and loved ones and that being amongst their company is the most important thing of all. We tend to seek fulfillment from the food that is in front of us, when really we can feed ourselves from the love that surrounds us all.Keeping this in mind, there is no reason to not let yourself enjoy healthy and delicious treats during this time of celebration without the uncomfortable switching of the pants. Our most important ingredient is love, so you will be getting plenty of that on and off your plate when youconsume our treatsWhen you take care of yourself first, when you ensure your own happiness, then your loved ones will benefit because you will have more love to give.

Our idea of a triple decker treat = The Gift that Keeps on Giving. You will receive a tri-found package of (1) chocolate bars & hot chocolate mix for Xmas, followed by our (2) full line of Smoothie mixes for a healthy New Years and then (3) another package comes to you on Valentine’s Day. Fill yourself up with love and care with this ultimate package and you will have more to give away. 

By Bennett Coffey 

Holistic Health Counselor

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