6 Steps to Healthy Indulging this Party Season!

Posted on October 25, 2012 by Kyleen Keenan | 0 Comments

The party begins with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, New Years and maybe even continuing to - Valentines Day. Not to mention all the house parties, get togethers, etc in between! This is the season of sweets and indulgence. We beleive that you can enjoy the season and keep you body healthy at the same time. Here is a plan for success that takes into account your health and HAPPINESS!

Keep your body healthy with a PLAN for SUCCESS this holiday season!! 

  1. Drink a superfood smoothie every morning - superfood smoothies provide vital nutrients and give our digestive system a break at the same time. They are a great way to clean your system first thing in the morning & keep you energized all day without caffeine. (Try our 3 different smoothie mixes and see which one revs your engine in the morning)
  2. Switch your sweetener this season to a low glycemic & organic sweetener that won't contribute to the highs and lows associated wth sugar intake (our coconut palm sugar)
  3. Indulge smart in decadent treats that are good for you - (Do it right! You know you want to have sweet too, so bring one of our decadent chocolate bars to the party & share! Our chocolate bars are designed to make you FEEL incredible, but most importantly - they are incredibly decadent and delicious. They leave your body and soul satisfied.)
  4. Give your body energy - and don't go hungry before the party (carry a bag of Be Ballsy - energy balls wherever you go!)
  5. Avoid artificial sweeteners - it only confuses your body (use our Be Saucey - healthy chocolate sauce in place of the junk thats out there)
  6. Boost your metabolism & digestion with Be Cozy superfood mix in your hot chocolate! (We all like a hot decadent drink in the winter time - why not enjoy something that is actually good for you and its oh so so rich & delicious!) 
We've put together our complete line of products to ensure that you INDULGE with SUCCESS this holiday season.  Our Elation Foundation package contains 31 items that are designed to help you stay healthy & happy. That means getting the nutrients you need while allowing yourself to INDULGE with decadent & healthy treats! Have them readily available so they are the first thing you reach for!! 



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