Not Your Sugar Mamas turns 5!

Posted on March 29, 2016 by Bennett Coffey | 0 Comments


About 5 years ago, we took the first step to creating Not Your Sugar Mamas when we applied for an LLC. By April, we had a logo and a website, which we launched the day before our first big event - the MV Health Fair.

Bennett made chocolate in big sheet pans which we chopped into tiny pieces for sampling. People kept coming back for more and everyone was asking where they could buy it. "BUY IT?" ... we hadn't thought about that! After that we knew we had to get it together. By June, we had created three flavors: Be Original, Be Sexy, and Be Cool, which we wrapped in brown paper and sealed with homemade labels.

Bennett made chocolate bars in small batches. We wrapped them and then drove as fast as we could to local stores. (Summer, refrigerated chocolate - ahh melting!) By the end of the summer we had sold our bars to 13 stores.

That fall, Ky loaded her old beater car with chocolate and stopped by every little health food store from MV to Western MA and back, doing demos along the way, while Bennett worked non-stop making & shipping chocolate from the island to fill orders to our new found stores.

By winter, we had outgrown Bennett's parents’ kitchen in Edgartown. We found the perfect spot in Vineyard Haven, where our chocolate factory remains today.

One thing that has helped us get here: our promise to ourselves to celebrate every small win - from the first chocolate bar, to the first order, to the first off island account, to making it to 5 years!

Thank YOU for your support throughout the years!

Keepin' it real,

Ky & Bennett





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