White Chocolate Bark with Cherries and Beet Salt

White chocolate cherry bark with beet salt. Yeah, we said it. BEET-SALT. Raw beet powder combined with MV Sea Salt sprinkled all over nutrient packed white chocolate. The chocolate is made with cacao butter (healthy fat), cashew butter (yay, protein!), and lucuma (super fruit packed with beta carotene + antioxidants) to create the "white" chocolate. Then we sprinkled some tart cherries (antioxidants), beet (fights inflammation + detoxifying) and MV Sea Salt (super duper trace mineral rich). This bar literally melts in your mouth and is sweet, tart, and a touch salty. We LOVE it & you.

Ingredients: organic cacao butter, organic maple sugar, organic lucuma,organic cashew butter, organic vanilla, MV Sea Salt, organic cherries, organic beet powder

6 oz

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